Whatever your sector of activity, we have the solution to your transport and handling needs. Click on your activity sector below and find the solution to your transportation needs:

XHM2 articulated jib hooklift with cereal container and container trailer

Long distance cereal transportation


  • With XHM2PA double articulated hooklift, you can load mobile containers in the most difficult situations.
  • DALBY mobile containers are equipped with cereal traps, waterproofing reinforcements and sheeting systems, according to your needs.
  • DALBY container trailers allow you to add second container, so you can transport more on each journey.


DEVES agricultural container trailers

Transporting mobile containers from the fields using an agricultural tractor


  • The DALBY XHM2 articulated jib reduces the loading angle of your container allowing you to load containers even on onpaved soil.
  • DEVES agricultural trailers are designed for all types of agricultural usage: from 6.5T to 25T, for containers from 3M to 8M long and for volumes from 8M3 to 40M3.

3-axle agricultural trailer with hooklift and stainless steel tank

Grape juice transport


To move grape juice around the different areas of their vineyard, one of France's biggest winemaker has chosen a 3-axle agricultural trailer with a DALBY hooklift and stainless steel tanker.

  • The versatile DALBY hooklift allows different types of skips and tankers to be used.
  • DALBY SHM4 30 articulated sliding jib hooklift, powerful and robust.
  • DEVES 3-axle agricultural trailers, 32T GVW, reliable and versatile.

Harvest containers

Collecting and transporting grape marc


Used with a DALBY hooklift our harvest containers are perfect for collecting grape marc and other by-products of wine making.

  • DALBY harvest containers are watertight and equipped with flow reducers.
  • DALBY hooklifts enable mobile containers to be placed on site, leaving the truck and driver free.

DALBY BRX hooklift + mobile container with extensions

Green waste collection


Combining a light vehicle (2T to 7.5T GVW), with a DALBY hooklift and several DALBY mobile containers, gives small landscape maintenance businesses versatile transport solutions that are easy to use.

  • A DALBY hooklift, with articulated jib BRP/BRX or sliding jib MPC, is easy to use with just 2 levers: the first for opening or closing the hook safety latch and the second for loading/unloading and tipping.

  • DALBY mobile drop-side container with removable grill extensions for transporting branches and other green waste. This container can also be transformed into a flatbed for transporting machinery.