Whatever your sector of activity, we have the solution to your transport and handling needs. Click on your activity sector below and find the solution to your transportation needs:

Semi-trailer with DALBY hooklift + concrete recycling container

Transporting and recycling concrete waste


Transporting and recycling concrete waste is made easier by combining a DALBY hooklift and a specialised container equipped with an ingenious mechanical system for debonding concrete blocks.

  • An economical solution: no costs for analysis, evacuation or landfill; waste can be reused as recycled aggregate; simple and quick to do.
  • An ecological solution: no release of sludge or contamined water into the environment; suitable for recycling any concrete or mortar made in a concrete mixing plant.
  • A safe solution: the ùechanical debonding system does not require manual intervention; no pressurised oil or air; steady debonding of the block, without abrupt manoeuvres by the truck and with a reduced tilt on the container that increases the stability of the truck.

PW PM 18.5 crane + KH KIPPER 2-sides tipper

Versatile tipping container and crane solution


Combining a KH Kipper tipping container with a PM auxiliary crane creates a robust and versatile option for transporting palletised and loose materials: sand, grit, gravel, etc...

  • The hydraulic side of the KH Kipper tipping container is placed on the left side. It can be used for side loading and unloading of palletised materials or loose materials. The side is controlled by a joystick in the truck cabin so the driver's working conditions are safe and ergonomic.
  • The PW PM 18.5 crane is known for its reliability and versatility. New functional design elements and supplementary internal activations increase the crane's working life while also making it low maintenance. The standing post gives the operator excellent visibility and facilitates manoeuvring.

KH Kipper rear tipper and PM hydraulic crane

Transport of palletised materials to site


Economical and versatile solution to ensure the delivery of construction materials to the construction site.

  • The KH Kipper W1H dropside conveyor allows the loading and unloading of pallets from the sides thanks to its folding sides and the unloading of bulk materials from the rear.
  • The hydraulic crane PM 23.523 ensures the loading and unloading of building materials on construction sites over long spans.


PM hydraulic crane and flatbed truck

Transport of palletised materials to site


For transporting building materials to site, even under difficult conditions, we have a large range of PM auxiliary cranes with different lengths and strengths.

  • PM hydraulic cranes are light and compact. New design features mean these cranes are reliable, high performance and versatile.

KH Kipper W1U rear tipper

Vehicle mounted half-round rear tipper


The half-round KH Kipper W1U/HALF PIPE rear tipper is designed mainly for transporting loose materials and bitumen.

  • Made in HARDOX steel for rigidity and longevity
  • The sloped omega shaped front wall encourages optimal tipping
  • New generation front jack ensures the container moves up and down quickly


DALBY XHM2PA double articulated jib hooklift & KESLA crane

Loading materials in quarries


Combining a PW KESLA crane with a DALBY articulated hooklift creates a versatile and robust solution for loading and transporting materials.

  • PW KESLA crane with a clamshell bucket for loading material
  • DALBY XHM2 articulated jib hooklift, for loading all types of mobile containers, even in difficult areas. DALBY XHM2 articulated sliding jib hooklift

KH Kipper tippers

Vehicle mounted rear tippers


KH Kipper W1U/HALF PIPE rear tippers are designed for working in difficult conditions and mounted on chassis with 3 or 4 axles.

  • Weight optimised for maximum payload
  • Reinforced sides improve the container's rigidity
  • A large range of supplementary equipment is available to adapt the structure to your specific needs


PM 40.5 crane and wooden flatbed

Lifting wood frames


The PM 40.5 vehicle mounted hydraulic crane with a wood flatbed provides the best possible conditions for carpenters to deliver their frames and other materials to site 

  • Pm 40.525 crane with jib with a range of 24.35m. The innovative PM40.5 SP range combines reliability and versatility thanks to the endless pivoting system which is robust, even in difficult working conditions.
  • Wooden flatbed for transporting wood frames and palettes