Whatever your sector of activity, we have the solution to your transport and handling needs. Click on your activity sector below and find the solution to your transportation needs:

DALBY XHM2PA double articulated jib

Mobile incident units


The DALBY hooklift is the ideal solution for getting several mobile incident units on site quickly, as it is fast and versatile.

  • The DALBY XHM2PA double articulated hooklift allows for a smaller loading angle, essential when loading containers with numerous accessories.

DALBY XHM3 sliding jib hooklift and modules.

A range of transport solutions for strategics logistics bases


The biggest internal organisation has confidence in DALBY transport solutions for providing versatile transport solution on its global logistics bases.

  • DALBY XHM3 sliding arms adapted to meet international standards. The sliding jib can load containers of different lengths.
  • A set of mobile containers offering a set of solutions for site transport: PW containers with sides, containers for collecting household waste, recovery module with winch for loading broken-down vehicles, PW skips with crane, etc... 

Large volume container for fire fighters


  • Reliable and robust large volume container.
  • Can be personalised and accessorised to meet client needs.

DALBY XHM2 PV hooklift

DALBY variable jib hooklift


DALBY's variable jib hooklifts are versatile and easy to use.

  • The variable jib allows it to load different length containers.
  • The kinematics have been designed to lower the loading angle.
  • Compatible with limit stop mechanical latching systems.

DALBY BRX hooklift + mobile container with extensions

Green waste collection


Combining a light vehicle (2T to 7.5T GVW) with a DALBY hooklift and several DALBY mobile containers gives small landscape maintenance businesses versatile transport solutions that are easy to use.

  • DALBY BRP/BRX articulated jib or MPC sliding jib hooklift, easy to use: operated with 2 joysticks: the first for opening or closing the hook safety latch and the second for loading/unloading and tipping.
  • DALBY mobile drop-side containers and grill extensions, for transporting branches and other green waste.

PM 3.6 hydraulic crane

Lifting and loading for landscaping work


Placed behind the cab, the PM 3.6 hydraulic crane is ideal for carrying our small loading and lifting operations by council workers. Combined with a drop-side flatbed this solution can be adapted to suit any user.

  • The PM 3.6 hydraulic crane comes with a manual distributor as standard but can have different options added top considerably improve its strength, productivity or reliability performance. With its three hydraulic extensions it can extend 7.65M horizontally and 10.25M vertically.