DALBY XHM2 articulated jib hooklift

For industrial vehicles

DALBY's articulated hooklifts are the most powerful in our range. Their kinematics have been designed to reduce the loading angle and provide large capacity reserve. With lifting strengths of between 10T and 30T and a very wide range of lengths, DALBY's articulated hooklifts can also be equipped with numerous options and accessories: articulated jibs, front hydraulic locking, rer lifter, hydraulic extendable underride protection, etc...


DISCOVER DALBY XHM2 articulated jib hooklift IN VIDEO


Tarpaulin holder

Extendable underride extension

Finisher underride protection

Transcover sheeting

Walkways AR cabins

Aluminium mudguards

Safety side bumpers

Tool box


Double articulated jib

Radio control

Rear lifter

Front locking

Anti-pitch bar